Caring for your tools and jewellery.




Porcelain is known for its beauty and strength.  It is also hypoallergenic, incredibly durable and a great conductor of temperature; all this makes it tactile and fun to experiment with. 


I have developed a casting process for the Marlene collection that results in the surface pattern on each piece being organic and unique. No two pieces are alike.  I also use a longer porcelain casting time compared to conventional methods to increase the density of the porcelain body.  Once cast, each piece is smoothed and polished by hand to create a smooth satin like finish and fired twice for a total of 20 hours.


Intimate Tools:


All tools can be used with any lubricant or natural oil and each piece is vitrified during the final firing cycle to increase strength and make each piece impermeable and immersible in water.


You can fill your Hot and Cold dildo with warm or cool water too for prolonged change of temperature. Never use boiling water and always ensure that the cork stopper is firmly closed to prevent leakages. Always empty after use and allow the cork to airdry naturally.


Each piece from the Marlene collection has been designed for intimate use and massage.  Use the spherical end of the tool for massaging tired, tense muscles.  You can use your tool at ambient room temperature or run your tool under hot or cold water before use for added sensation and temperature play.


All items can be used with any lubricants and oils, although I prefer and recommend natural based products where possible.


Hand wash with warm soapy water and store in the pouch provided when not in use.




If your tool or jewellery impacts against a hard surface with force, inspect the item for damage or imperfections before continuing use.  The pieces are very robust and have under gone testing but if dropped on a very hard surface at an awkward angle there is risk of chipping, fracturing or breakage so please be aware of this when caring for your piece and check your piece is not damaged before use.


During anal play exercise caution and never fully insert an object into the anus; only use items with wide base designed to stop the item in its entirety getting past the point of no return.  If you are using a hot and cold dildo, do not hold it by the cork, have a firm grip on the shaft.


These items are not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers.




The Ellipse choker, Ball choker and O Ring collar are statement jewellery pieces.  The Porcelain component is toughened so I would strongly advise that these pieces are not used as a functioning gag ball as there is a risk of damage to teeth. No responsibility is accepted for damage caused if you should choose to use these pieces for any purpose other than jewellery.


Please be aware that dark colours may transfer on to skin or lighter coloured clothing.

The suede choker straps will stretch and wear over time.  This is part of the beauty and charm of the natural material. 


Packaging and leather:


Cotton drawstring bags are made from organic cotton and handmade in the UK. Avoid contact with light colours and wash on a cool cycle.


I use soft, supple, natural lamb nappa leather for packaging, saddlery cowhide for harnesses, chokers and collars and suede for jewellery accessories.  Each hide has unique and individual characteristics that are part of the natural charm and beauty of hide.  As a natural product it will often display traces of its past life, such as brand marks, wrinkles and differing fibre density.  These hallmarks in no way detract from the wearing qualities of the leather.


During the first few weeks of use, wrinkles and creases will form naturally due to wear.  With the passage of time and normal use, the skin will develop a patina which enhances its natural beauty.  The colour of the nude leather will deepen and intensify to a richer tan.


Leather is sourced responsibly.  The nude, untanned British lamb nappa that I use is buffed with natural wax to protect and nourish the hide. 


As with all leathers, avoid contact with water as this will stain (especially nude leather) and do not store in direct sunlight.  You can nourish your leather with Carnauba Creme or an animal fat for darker leathers to help resist finger prints and scuff marks.

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