SS16 ErosOmnipresent

ABXMT || a collaboration with Melissa Tofton Leather to create bespoke porcelain jewellery and fittings which will form part of Tofton's SSS16 campaign. This collection is the first where Tofton is expanding into ready to wear leather pieces along with pure silk elements.  ErosOminpresent will continue to develop previous themes of esoteric eroticism and playfulness.


Tofton teamed up with photographer Katja Mayer, set designer Miguel Bento and Feast Films, to create a fashion film titled 'Leather' featuring Stoya, adult film actress.  'Leather' is intensely sensual and passionate, with entwining bodies battling with the juxtaposition between restriction and movement.  See it here on SHOWstudio



Marbled Bit Gag Choker from the ABXMT collaboration for Melissa Tofton Leather SS16

The Casting Room, 9 Queens Yard, White Post Lane

London, E9 5EN, Unitied Kingdom