New workshop dates added!

February 26, 2019

The workshops are a wonderful, rewarding experience; besides being fun, creative and lots of bants, they nurture playfulness, creativity and a connection with others that is powerful and palpable. Yes, we’re putting decals on porcelain sex toys, and yes, they are great pleasure tools (not to mention hypoallergenic and natural) but these workshops are so much more than the sum of their parts.  They push people’s boundaries and challenge preconceptions in a gentle, fun, and creative way, encouraging a healthy attitude toward sexuality and ownership over our own pleasure.

TimeOut Decorates a Dildo

February 12, 2019

What do you call a penis made from pottery? Girthenware? Porkcelain? Terracocka? ‘I like “crockery cockery.” Read about the time TimeOut writer Alix Fox decorated a dildo at my workshop.

Now available at Chakrubs

January 08, 2019

Adele Brydges now stocked at Chakrubs!! ‘Chakrubs’ derives from Chakra, a Sanskrit word describing energy wheels. Chakrubs urge you to feel deeply, passionately, subtly.  Light up your chakras, and create an intentional practice that that not only gets you off, but turns you on in way in which you will remain turned on and awakened with a renewed sense of self-awareness and wisdom.

003: Fervor Friday with Adele Brydges

January 11, 2019

I speak with Jane Jet a Somatic Sexologist and host of the the podcast Kinktra in the Raw for her blog, Fervor Friday.  Kinktra in the Raw is a sexual and intellectual guide to all things pleasure that openly discusses and educates listeners about sexual positivity, taboos, the benefits of sexual liberation, and much more.

The Art of Self Pleasure

January 12, 2018

Decorate-A-Dildo is going to LA baby!! Yasss, that's right. Decorate a Dildo LA is taking place on 17th February 2018 at 12:00 in Downtown LA. For this very special event, I will be taking my East London workshops to Los Angeles to join forces with Studio C Gallery and Red Hot Wicked II; a beautifully curated exhibition on Feminine Sensuality celebrating the work of over 20 international female artists.

During this 3 hour workshop you will learn the techniques of decal application and decorate your very own custom porcelain dildo with enamel prints and decals; think erotic poetry and prose, intimate dedications, flora and fauna, collage, kitsch and kink. You will also gain insight into my making process and design approach and have the opportunity to take a closer look at my collection of sensual tools and evocative objects.

The workshop will be held in the gallery space so take inspiration from the evocative artwork, harness this feminine sexual energy and really go to town. This is a seriously fun way to celebrate your sensuality and self love this Valentines weekend. Once decorated, your piece will be enamel fired and ready for collection from Studio C Gallery within the week.

Light refreshments will be provided on the day courtesy of Studio C Gallery.

For future dates or group bookings email


V+ Packging is here <3

November 09, 2017

I, like many of you am a conscious consumer. I also strive to be a conscious maker so I've been working to produce alternatives to my leather packaging for those that love my pieces but for one reason or another would prefer V+ packaging options without compromising design.  So here they finally are; organic black denim pouches with a contrasting cream cotton drawstring. Fabric sourced in London, handmade in my London studio. I hope you approve.

You can now choose whether you'd like your sensual tools to be packaged in leather or organic denim when adding your selection to you shopping cart.


November 09, 2017

After the success of the first two workshops I'm delighted to add future Decorate A Dildo dates and launch a new workshop for couples where you can come along and decorate a Dildo and Plug with your partner.  


Let your imagination run wild. Be playful. Create. These workshops are a truly unique and fun experience for all no matter your artistic experience or capabilities.

During the workshops you'll learn my making process and decorate your own bespoke porcelain Hot & Cold dildo / Plug with enamel prints and decals.  The workshops are held in my East London studio and you'll have the opportunity see other pieces from my collections and even works in progress. Click here to book.


For group bookings or to enquire about a one to one session, please email

April 10, 2017

B E R L I N G O T is an erotic and artistic magazine that invites us to explore our inner selves by outlining a new iconographic landscape in eroticism, gender and sexuality. This bilingual magazine (French / English) is a precious compilation of 40 international artists and I am delighted to be one of the contributors. There are 14 days left to reach our crowd funding target so please like / share / love / fund:

Pop up shop at Le Boutique Springtime Soirée

April 01, 2017

I'm back at Le Boutique Bazaar for Springtime Soirée on 2nd April at McQueen Shoreditch. LBB is London's premier destination for stylists, models, performers, style fetishistas and dramatic fashionistas of all types, featuring a curated selection of 40+ designers representing underground fashion and accessories from couture latex, custom corsetry, lingerie, luxury leather goods and couture sensual tools. £7 entry on the door £5 entry if you click 'going' on the event page. 

Ceramic Art London 2017: Craftsmanship Alone is Not Enough

March 30, 2017

Once again showing as part of Craftmanship Alone is Not Enough at Ceramic Art London 2017.  Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough marks the centenary of clay at Central Saint Martins gathering together work by alumni and staff.

Craftsmanship Alone is Not Enough

January 17, 2017

Thrilled to be part of this.... Opening at the Lethaby Gallery today, Craftsmanship Alone Is Not Enough marks the centenary of clay at Central Saint Martins gathering together work by alumni and staff; from Alison Britton, Gillian Lowndes and Gordon Baldwin to Fredrikson Stallard, Robin Levien and Barnaby Barford to name a few.  BA Ceramic Design is one of only two specialist ceramic degrees in the UK.  The DNA of the course takes much from Dora Billington who ran ceramics from the 30s to the 50s  who sought to unite art and industry.  The show runs 17th January - 11th February 2017 at Lethaby Gallery, Granary Sq.

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